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Flight and car hire links you can use.  See WARNING below!

The 2 car hire firms we use have always given us great vehicles and have always been reliable.  Booking on the web (and well ahead) can sometimes get you an extra discount. I think they both allow bookings without deposit and pay by card on arrival (or pay on web).  They charge you for a full tank of petrol, and you return the car "empty", well, with as little fuel as possible as you don't get any fuel refund. 

The insurance cover has altered recently and you may get charged extra for "comprehensive" cover.  This can be anything from 60Euros to 100's! The standard cover may be only 3rd party which puts you at risk!  As you have given a credit card it is easy for the rental company to bill you for any damage.

Most of the Web agents only "put you in touch" with your car rental firm and have no responsibilities as you are contracting direct with the foreign car company

If you have any experiences (good or bad) please let me know so we can share the information with other readers.

DON'T WEAR HEAD/EAR PHONES WHILE DRIVING or you will be liable to 150euro "on the spot" fine!   (they trade as "Star")         (they can use a variety of other companies
                                    operating from Alicante).
The following should take you directly to the "Alicante" enquiry

Some of the airlines we have used. Great deals by booking early!

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